FarmVille Pregnant Pigs & Piglets!

FarmVille Pregnant Pig belongs to...
FarmVille Pregnant Pig
Remember the Pregnant Pig that Lexilicious mentioned in a past FarmVille Podcast, dated June 18th? FarmVille Freak also published the Pregnant Pig's Piglet as an unreleased item.

The Pregnant Pig is now "live" in FarmVille.

The Pregnant Pig works similar to adoptable animals in that you find one on your farm and share via FaceBook newsfeed. Each pregnant pig has a collar with one of your FarmVille neighbors name. Only this neighbor will have the opportunity to adopt the Pregnant Pig. You "return" the Pregnant Pig by posting the notice on the neihgbors farm listed on the collar.

Once adopted, if you provide a home for the Pregnant Pig and take good care of her, in 24 hours there will be a baby Piglets for you to share with your FarmVille neighbors!

Official word from FarmVille's Community Manager, Lexilicious:

When tending your farm, you now have a chance to find a sow that is expecting piglets. This little lady will belong to one of your neighbors. The neighbor she belongs to is selected at random.

If you find an expecting sow, she must be returned to her owner. You will receive a pop-up that will allow you to post to your friends wall informing them that you have found their pig.

If a Neighbor has found a pig that belongs to you, you can claim your lost pig by clicking on the applicable feed that has been posted on your wall. After being taken to your farm, you will receive a pop-up that will prompt you to place your little lady on your farm. (After all, a gift box is no place for piglets!)

After she is placed, you will see a message asking you to return in 24 hours. Upon your return, you will find that your pig gave birth to a healthy litter of piglets that you can now share with your friends!" (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)
Note, currently farmers are experiencing technical issues after finding Pregnant Pigs on their farms. Some of the errors include there is no or "?" neighbor listed on her collar and errors are occurring whenever you attempt to share the Pregnant Pig by posting on your neighbor's wall.

Also many are reporting that the Pregnant Pigs they are finding "belong" to inactive FarmVille neighbors who no longer seem to play FarmVille. Meaning, the name listed on the collar is that of an inactive farmer. Is this is a way for FarmVille to encourage inactive players to return to the farm life? What do you think?

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.
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