Better Business Bureau warns of fake ad page

The U.S. Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to steer clear of an advertisement on Facebook and the web that hawked a free Subway gift card last week. The site is now sending consumers to different websites apparently offering free Starbucks cards.

The BBB warns that the site likely will grab your Facebook password and suggests changing your password if you've clicked on the site's buttons. The site also tries to collect a credit card number after a few pages.

The BBB says the offer last week was a free Subway gift card just for clicking on a "like" Facebook button. But when the business group checked with Subway, it found the offer was a "scam" and not affiliated with the national sandwich chain.

When Consumer Ally clicked on the website listed in the BBB warning, a different site came up, proclaiming a free Starbucks gift card to anyone who follows the site's three steps: Clicking its "Like" button; clicking its "Share" button with the Facebook logo; and finally clicking a "Claim" button for the gift card.

Starbucks could not be reached immediately for comment or to confirm that the gift card website was legitimate.

According to, the website is registered through GoDaddy and listed no other contact information. When clicking on the site's "Claim" button, the viewer is sent to a different website,, a Vancouver company touting a $250 Starbucks card for filling out surveys and merchandise offers. Prize-Wave could not be immediately reached for comment and its rules page says the company can cancel the offer at any time.