All Gulf States Are Now Feeling BP's Oil Spill


Every Gulf state has now been hit by oil from the busted BP (BP) oil well after tar balls washed up on a beach in Texas.

Around five gallons of tar balls were found Saturday on the Bolivar Peninsula to the northeast of Galveston, the Associated Press reported. It's not clear what pushed them ashore, but authorities speculate it could be due to Hurricane Alex or even to boats working in the clean-up operation.

"Any Texas shores impacted by the Deepwater spill will be cleaned up quickly, and BP will be picking up the tab," Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson said in a news release. Two more gallons of tar balls were found Sunday.

Oil from the broken well has befouled beaches and wetlands in Louisiana, Florida and Alabama over the last two months, killing wildlife and dampening the normally vibrant tourism industry.

And BP is still struggling with its oil recovery efforts. According to The Washington Post, BP has collected or burned only 60% of what it told the government it could remove in one day.