Mafia Wars exclusive Vegas Chips: Get 'em while they're still hot

mafia wars rack of chips
mafia wars rack of chips

UPDATE (7/4): The Rack of Chips is an item that can be sent as a Free Gift. Even though the Chips were only supposed to be available on Saturday, July 3, they're still seem to be hanging around today as well. To send you friends a Rack of Chips, click HERE. Happy Fourth of July everybody!

As part of the Mafia Wars 'Must Play Weekend,' the game is rolling out exclusive 'Vegas Chips' today only. From the Coming Soon section in the game:

Mafia Wars: Las Vegas is almost here , and this Saturday, July 3rd, you'll get a chance to loot exclusive "Vegas Chips". These chips will give you an advantage when Vegas releases, so you'd better collect as many as you can get ahead of your Mafia rivals.

I haven't found any of these just yet, but if you have any tips on where to find them, leave a note in the comments below!