Lost FarmVille animals being replaced?

farmville missing animals replaced?
farmville missing animals replaced?

FarmVille Freak has received quite a few emails about animals now being replenished to players who experienced loss in last week's FarmVille animal fiasco. But, are these replacements the correct animals? Many players are reporting that when logging on their farm animals have been added directly to their buildings with purpose/animal storage buildings, enough to stretch the capacity of the building, but these animals are not what they initially lost. Zynga is clearly attempting to make good on farmers losses but maybe not in the most efficient way?

FarmVille Freak Lisa lost Cream Draft Horses and Rhode Island Red Chickens but was given Grey Horses and Gold Chickens.

I noticed something odd in my stable this morning when making my round I noticed I had more horses than there should have been room for! I had 65 horses when capacity is only 40! I guess they are trying to compensate for lost animals, but they missed the mark by far giving me such common stock when I lost the much harder to replace cream horses, red chickens and etc. :(