Find a friend -- for a price

Scott Rosenbaum has thousands of people available to keep you company -- for a price. But he's no pimp, and his website,, is no escort service. Pay $24.95 a month (or $69.95 a year) to become a member, and you get to choose from a vast menu of "friends" with whom you can play Parcheesi, go to the movies, or perhaps use as a fake relative. Almost anything, as long as it doesn't involve sex.

While some may think it sad that people are willing to pay for the most basic human companionship, Rosenbaum (pictured) views it as an underserved niche and a promising business opportunity. He thinks of his venture as the antidote to dating and sex sites like, which facilitates extramarital hookups. "I want to take it a step backward," he told WalletPop. "It's about platonic friendship. There's a complete void in that market."

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