Who Works the Most?

Stereotypes be damned, there doesn't seem to be any particular rhyme nor reason explaining the latest numbers revealed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics' American Time Use Survey.

The results of an extensive study show that Whites and Latinos tie for working the most hours, and African Americans seem to be the most religious, most involved in sports and leisure, and spend the most time communicating. One thing that all races measured in the survey have in common is that we all spend the majority of our time in "Personal Care Activities, (such as sleeping and grooming). Americans average 9.45 hours per day on that.

For some reason, Asians were not mentioned in the research results. But when it comes to a comparison of Whites, Blacks or African Americans, and Hispanics or Latinos, the breakdown is as follows:

Who works the most hours?

Whites and Hispanics tie for the most, averaging 3.58 hours per day in the workplace. That may not seem like very much, but note that they're averaging in weekends, as well as those who are unemployed and working only part-time. Blacks average 3.19 work hours per day. When factoring in gender, White males work the most, 4.39 hours per day, and Hispanic women work fewest, at 2.79.

Who participates most in leisure and sports activities?

Surprisingly enough, Americans average more time in leisure and sports activities than they do at work -- 5.17 hours per day. But once again, consider the fact that weekends, which are all play and no work for many Americans, are factored in. Black men play the most, averaging 6.58 hours per day. Hispanic women spend the least time on leisure activities, averaging 4.21 hours per day. Taking both genders in consideration, Blacks average 5.99 hours per day, Whites average 5.17 hours per day, and Hispanics average 4.7 hours per day on sports and leisure activities.

Who spends the most time eating and drinking?

White men dominate this category. They spend the most time eating and drinking (1.29 hours per day), while black men spend the least, (.91 hours per day). Whites, on average spend the most time at the table, averaging 1.26 hours per day, Hispanics follow at 1.16 hours per day, and Blacks spend the least time with food and drink, averaging .92 hours per day.

Who does the most shopping?
That would be white women, by far, who spend .89 hours per day purchasing goods and services. Black men spend the least time shopping on average (.61 hours per day). Women of all races spend more time shopping than their male counterparts. On the whole, however, the numbers are pretty close: Whites spend .77 hours per day making purchases, Hispanics follow, averaging .74 hours per day, and Blacks spend the least time, .71.

Who is most involved in religious and civic activities?

Black women seem to be more into spiritual and community activities than any other measured group, averaging .49 hours per day. Black men are next, with .44 hours. Hispanic men seem to be the least involved in these types of activities, averaging .24 hours per day. Women of all races spend more time in religious and civic activities than their male counterparts.

Who does the most caretaking at home?

In what is probably the biggest disparity of all, Hispanic women average nearly a full hour per day (.99) caring for and helping household members, while Black men spend the least time, a little less than 20 minutes per day (.30) in the same activity. White men average .37 hours per day caretaking, and Hispanic men average .48. White women spend .69 hours each day on caretaking, while Black women average .61 hours. Overall, Hispanics average the most, .73, while Blacks average the least, .47.

Who spends the most time on education?

Hispanic women also rule this category. On the average, they spend about .65 hours per day on educational activities. And once again, Black men spend the least time, .38 hours per day. On the whole, Hispanics spend the most time on educational activities, .63 hours per day, while Whites spend the least, .44 hours per day. Black women spend about .53 hours per day on educational activities, bringing the overall Black average up to .46 hours per day.

Who communicates most and least?

Black women spend more time on the telephone, writing letters and sending e-mails, averaging .27 of an hour daily. Hispanic males spend the least time communicating in these ways, only averaging .09 of an hour each day. On the whole, Blacks spend the most time per day making calls, sending emails and corresponding via the U.S. Postal service; averaging .24 percent of an hour day, Whites come in second at .19, and Hispanics only spend .16.

You may or may not like what we've reported here, but please don't shoot the messenger. All these numbers can be found on the Bureau of Labor Services website, at http://www.bls.gov/news.release/atus.t03.htm.

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