Pet Society rolls out Fourth of July items and clearance sale

Like other Facebook games, Pet Society is preparing for the big Fourth of July weekend by releasing fun summer items and sales. Fireworks and confetti are both available and are a perfect way to celebrate the United States of America's independence. In addition, various other American themed items were released such as flags and other goodies decked in red, white and society fourth of july

In my opinion, Fourth of July is a day best celebrated with company, the great outdoors and delectable BBQed food. It seems Pet Society agrees as they've released new barbecuing equipment in the stores.

Also released was a free plush bald eagle that you may send to your friends, so make sure to send it to your fellow pets while you still can.

Below are images of some of the new Fourth of July stuff found in Pet Society:
pet society fourth of julypet society fourth of july
pet society fourth of julypet society fourth of julypet society fourth of july
All these goodies can be found in the various stores. To find the fireworks and other party equitment, head to the Market and click the Party and Gifts tab (pictured right). There's a lot to see and a lot of good deals as a result of the Fourth of July clearance sale. The sale and items will be around till July 11th so head over to Pet Society to Check them out now.

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