Nursing scholarships offer help to students hoping to fill the nursing shortage

In this recession, we've grown used to the idea of a job shortage. But according to a Northeastern University study, in the next few years, there won't be a shortage of jobs -- there will be a shortage of people to fill them.

What job tops that list? Nursing. In the next 10 years, America will need more nurses than ever before, creating an even larger nursing shortage than there is today. Students hoping to fill that gap need nursing scholarships to help them fund their education.

Individual states offer many different nursing scholarships for students seeking a nursing career. Many state hospital or nursing associations offer nursing scholarships to future nurses, like the Florida Nursing Association which offers a variety of scholarships for students across Florida.

Other states offer loan-forgiveness programs, like Delaware's Nursing Incentive program, which pays back loans for excellent nursing students who agree to work in a state-funded hospital for one year. States like Louisiana and North Carolina have specific organizations to recognize and give nursing scholarships to nurses, like The Great 100, which gives out 100 nursing scholarships and grants each year to nurses and future nurses.