Mafia Wars Fourth of July Sale incentives: Elvis Impersonator and more

mafia wars fourth of july sale incentives
mafia wars fourth of july sale incentives

Mafia Wars Fourth of July sale has officially kicked off, and in addition to five limited edition items, the game is offering special Las Vegas themed incentives to anyone willing to part with Reward Points in the next five days. Here's how it works:

Buy 1 item, win an Elvis Impersonator (bodyguard, 20 A, 48 D)
Buy 5 items, win a Pair of Kings (weapon, 56 A, 26 D)
Buy 10 items, win a Sin City Shooter (weapon, 81 A, 36D)

If you read the fine print, though, you'll be disappointed to learn that soccer balls, Treasure Chest keys and health refills do not count toward getting these items, which seems rather arbitrary. The idea of owning a weapon with 81 Attack sounds pretty enticing at first, though I'm not sure it's enticing enough to buy a whole 10 items just for one of these guns, even if it packs a lot of heat.

Would you buy 10 items to get the Sin City Shooter? Leave a note in the comments below.