FishVille creatures and decor flaunt Fourth of July flair

fishville fourth of julyfishville fourth of july
For a limited time only, FishVille has released a number of exclusive Fourth of July items in the store. Only available for another six days, the goods are here just in time for the Independence Day weekend.

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fishville fourth of julyfishville fourth of julyfishville fourth of july
In addition to the two festive July 4th creatures, the Independence Jelly and Independence Horse, there are a number of decorate items to place in your tanks (all pictured above). We're always pleased to see items purchasable with Coins and it seems FishVille is letting most everyone get into the National Holiday by only charging Sand Dollars for just a few things. Unfortunately, both creatures, including the Seahorse wearing a hat, cost Sand Dollars. You'll have to throw down some real money if you want to own one of the few marine animals to ever wear a hat in FishVille.

If you're a fan or own an aquarium in FishVille, check out the limited edition Fourth of July items. They won't be around for long.

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