FarmVille Missing Animals!

farmville missing animals
farmville missing animals

After tonight's updates, many FarmVille Freaks are reporting that some of their beloved animals have gone missing!

Our very own FarmVille Freak blogger, CabbagePatchKid, lost six Horses including farm cash items like the Percheron Horse and limited edition White Stallion!

This is frustrating as many people have huge collections of animals and decorations, not to mention all those items in Storage. So, FarmVille Freak pack-rats, can you really keep track of all your FarmVille items? I admit, that all of this missing animals business kind of makes me want to create a spreadsheet of all my limited edition items.

Losing special items is never fun especially when you have paid farm cash for them. However, please remember that Zynga will replace farm cash items that are lost due to in-game technical glitches or errors. (See FarmVille Restoration Policy below)