Cafe World: Celebrate Fourth of July with Sizzling Summer Decor

cafe world fourth of july summer theme
Fourth of July weekend is coming up and what better way to celebrate than by decorating your Cafe World restaurant. An all new Summer theme was released that features many of the things we've come to embrace on Independence Day.
cafe world summer decorcafe world fourth of july
The items include fun summer activities and items like fireworks, kites, coolers of beverages, and of course: BBQ. Continue reading to see all the new Fourth of July summer items.
cafe world fourth of july
Picnic Table - 20,000 Coins

Beach Chair - 2 Cafe Cash
Picnic Bench - 2 Cafe Cash

Butterflies - 4 Cafe Cash
Beehive - 4 Cafe Cash

Summer Picket Fence Wallpaper - 1 Cafe Cash
Summer Mountain Wallpaper - 1 Cafe Cash

Beach Umbrella - 2 Cafe Cash
Rubber Ducky - 4 Cafe Cash
Picnic Surprise - 4 Cafe Cash
Lemonade Stand - 7 Cafe Cash
American Flag Tent - 12 Cafe Cash
Trail Sign - 15,000 Coins
Sunflowers - 18,000 Coins
Drink Cooler - 20,000 Coins
Volleyball Player - 140,000 Coins
Sparkler Fun Girl - 150,000 Coins

Camping Grill - 6 Cafe Cash

So whether you like celebrating Fourth of July with fireworks, a beach cookout or by lounging next to the pool, Cafe World's new Summer Theme will let you decorate your cafe appropriately. Check it out for yourself in Cafe World and prepare yourself for the big Fourth of July weekend!

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