YoVille releases new July 4th items

YoVille July 4th items
YoVille July 4th items

The YoVille2010, 4th of July items have arrived in the furniture store. There are actually quite a few coin items in this collection.

This 4th of July collection is adorned with red, white and blue stars and stripes. The collection includes a Patio Chair, sectional sofas; both side and front view, a pool mattress (you cannot sit or lay on it, but when you place it, it appears as if it is floating), umbrella, lounge chair, Adirondack chair, a spread out towel-you cannot sit or lay on it, a stack of folded towels, a drink cooling barrel, balloon cluster decoration, a balloon arch, 4th of July 3 tiered cake, a set of 3 candles and a throw pillow. The collection also includes more fireworks, spinners and sparklers.

I just bought up all the coins items myself. Whether it's one of the new summer homes or a coin home you are creatively converting into your 2010 summer home, this collection will be a good addition. Enjoy the new items and get busy creating your summertime getaway for the 4th of July, YoVille style.

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