Treasure Isle releases new Pirate Cove maps


Treasure Isle have been teasing us for some time by not only showing the Pirate Cove as a locked area for the last few weeks, but also posting on their wall about how the pirates are coming soon. Tonight, the mystery is revealed, and the first set of Pirate Cove maps have been unveiled. There are 7 maps in total for right now, and the list of maps is as follows:

Sharky's Village
Brigand's Cove - 11 Island Cash
Monkey's Gold - 7 Island Cash
The Great Battle - Requires Level 75
Shiverin' Shores
Pirate Pub

Players are likely to be upset, because the last time Treasure Isle required Island Cash to unlock maps, it caused quite the uproar. Generally, games only charge for items that allow cosmetic upgrades or small tweaks to improve the game experience. Actually gating game progression by requiring players to pay? That is unlikely to win Treasure Isle some fans. Either way, we're sure people will be shelling out cash to experience these maps.

Have you paid for the pirate maps? Are they worth the money?