Denver's Bizarre Mayoral Home: Its Fate Now in Question

Denver Mayor Home
Denver Mayor Home

In 1986 TV industry leader and the "Father of Cable Television" Bill Daniels built himself a sprawling mansion known to those in the area as Cableland. Daniels later donated it to the city of Denver, Colo. to use as the mayor's residence. The 19,500-square-foot home includes 88 televisions (64 of which are within the home theater -- each tuned to a different cable channel), 5 phone lines, 97 telephones, 14 bathrooms and 4 kitchens -- this clearly is not your average home.

Add to that the very "Miami Vice" like decor (it's mauve), the fireman's pole in the master bedroom and some other odd interior-design choices -- and you start to get an idea why no mayor has lived in the home. Cableland is often rented out for events, and used by charities at no cost to help raise money, but now Denver is looking to sell it.

And much like the home's decor, this sale is the subject of great debate.