Sample Resume: Auto Sales & Servicing

sample resumeJohn's original resume listed several of his automotive service job tasks which included interacting with customers, overseeing a team of mechanics, and processing warranties. His resume looked pretty "vanilla" and similar to so many others who do customer-facing and administrative work. When I spoke to John, I learned that he brought enormous value to his job but he had never had to articulate that value proposition to others.

I asked John several questions to learn more about the impact of his work, rather than just the job tasks. Hiring managers want to know how you do things smarter, faster, and more efficiently and how you can help them make money, save money, or save time.

My questions to John as well as his final resume are below.

  1. Tell me about any professional challenges you faced when you took this job. Do you have specific performance goals? How well did you do against these goals?

  1. What was the most difficult project you managed or biggest hurdle you overcame at this job? What were the results and benefits for you and the organization?

  1. Have you decreased costs or streamlined operations in some way? How was this accomplished? State $ or % or numbers if possible.

  1. What is your greatest achievement in this position? How did you do it? What were results and benefits to you and the organization?

  1. Did you receive any special awards or recognitions? If so, for what?

  1. What have your supervisors said about your performance, either in evaluations or verbally?


22888 Red Leaf Drive Houston, TX 77375 H: 281-222-5587


Thirteen years of experience in truck and construction vehicle sales, repairs, and warranty administration. Proven ability to lead and train teams of mechanics to deliver timely and cost efficient repairs to customers. Recognized by management for improving efficiencies, lowering costs, and building quality customer relations.


Equipment Repairs

Warranty/Service Agreements

Employee Management

Customer Service

Forklift Operations

Employee Training

Sales and Support

Safety Programs

Inventory Tracking



2000 to 2009

Warranty/Service Administrator

Managed, trained, and mentored team of mechanics to expedite equipment repairs and filed all manufacturer warranties to ensure proper credits were issued. Acted as dispatcher and scheduled all field service work.

Process Improvements

  • In less than two months reduced warranty expenses from 25% to 1% by streamlining reporting process and using an online warranty application to expedite the claims process.
  • Consistently kept expenses below 1% over a seven year period and increased sales almost every month during tenure.
  • Created accountability standards for mechanics that increased efficiencies and improved time-per-job metrics significantly.

Leadership and Customer Service

  • Launched and managed a comprehensive employee safety program (included training on forklift operations, OSHA requirements, and blood borne pathogens) that reduced costly workers compensation claims and significantly decreased downtime due to injury.
  • Recognized with regular bonuses for consistently low accident incident rate.
  • Selected for three customer service training classes and a train-the-trainer forklift class; trained entire staff on machine operations and safety management.
  • Built strong customer relations by going "above and beyond" for customers experiencing problems with equipment they had purchased. This exceptional client servicing translated into additional revenues when decisions were made to purchase additional equipment.
  • Mentored new mechanics and forklift operators.


1996 to 1999

Parts Sales

Sold customers truck parts and fielded product inquiries. Tracked parts inventory on a daily basis and shipped orders via UPS and freight.


General Studies, HarrisCountyCollege, Conroe, TX

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