Sample Resume: Plant Maintenance Manager

Robert had farmed full-time most of his career. More recently he held a maintenance management position but the plant he worked for closed after he had been employed there for just one year. He wanted to find another maintenance position but was concerned that his limited experience in that environment would hold him back. He turned to Jeri Hird Dutcher, Owner of Workwrite, to craft a resume that would get him noticed, despite his limited experience in the field.

To make Robert memorable, Dutcher focused on his many accomplishments during the short time he had managed the maintenance division. She also chose keywords from a job description he provided to create a better match between Robert's competencies and those necessary for the jobs he was applying for.

Robert's farming background was advantageous because the ethanol industry is agriculture-based, so she included an overview of skills that dovetail with the maintenance position, such as steel and aluminum welding, or with management, such as adding a cattle operation and managing employees.

Dutcher was able to gather strong metrics from Robert to show the value of his work to the company through cost savings, environmental compliance and improved organization. She placed this information in a separate accomplishments section to showcase them even more and make sure they were visible on the first page of the resume.

Robert Snyder

555.555.5555 32451 401st St. S. ▪ Hallock, PA 55555

Ethanol Plant Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Management Professional with exemplary record in directing staff to repair, maintain, and improve ethanol production plant equipment. Exceptional leader motivates employees by earning their confidence, respect, and cooperation. Astute and organized problem-solver creates solutions and brings together people who would rather remain divided. Superior craftsman repairs and maintains existing systems and builds the rest. Additional expertise in:

  • Control Systems Airlocks Inventory Control
  • Grain Handling Hammermills Aluminum / Steel Welding
  • Seals Augur Systems Agribusiness
  • Machinery Operation CIP Systems Accounting
  • Machinery Maintenance Boilers and Generators Environmental Regulations

Recent Achievements

Environmental Chemical

Maintenance Division Reorganization: United and cross-trained Maintenance Division that had been divided and under-trained for several years.

Seal Water Project: Saved $8,000 to $9,000 per month and mitigated environmental impact by designing and implementing seal water project to decrease seal and water usage and sewer discharge by recirculating water through all seals in plant. Redundant water supply guarantees uninterrupted water pump operation, as proven during citywide power outage June 18, 2007. Eliminated human error by color coding all water lines. Project cost $5,000 plus labor.

Beer Heat Exchanger: Saved $500 per day in energy costs by designing and, with maintenance personnel, modifying salvaged evaporator equipment to use luter water for waste heat source by preheating beer from fermenters before it goes to still. Gained 25 degrees in beer heat with first beer heater, using less steam to reboilers and less sparge steam in columns to remove alcohol from beer. Project cost approximately $1,000 plus labor.

Lagoon Water Project: Brought plant into compliance with state requirement for lagoon water and decreased environmental impact by reclaiming water to use in operations. Reduced annual community complaints about odor and received praise from state health department as noted in Hallock Herald: "In 2006, Environmental Chemical had an odor problem with its lagoons. But a water treatment system improvement this year drew the praise of the state health department." Designed and built system to reclaim foul-smelling lagoon water to treat in methanator and use in processing and making ethanol or to discharge responsibly into city sewer system. Completely automated system with dual floats and motorized butterfly valve, eliminating need for operator supervision. Project cost approximately $11,000 plus labor and underground water piping.

Three Sand Removal Augers for FB1, FB2, and FB3 (Hot gas generators): Extended fluid bed longevity indefinitely, saving 20 days of downtime, by developing and executing sand removal auger system that allows safe and timely removal, cleaning, conditioning, and reinsertion of sand into fluid beds through airlock into fuel feed tube. Project cost approximately $7,000 plus labor.

Inventory Organization/Control: Organized existing inventory and improved inventory control with visual system to see label; tagged all consumables and other parts.

Professional Experience

ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL, Hallock, PA, November 2006 to Present
Maintenance Manager in plant that produced 10.5 million gallons of ethanol annually (closed October 2007)

Continuous Improvement:

  • Monitor all plant systems, noting new or different procedures / techniques that may improve areas of maintenance and/or operations; coordinate changes with Plant Manager.
  • Respond with immediate action to plant issues.
  • Maintain list of shutdown repair items and schedule shutdowns with Plant Manager.

Relationships Maintenance:

  • Identify, establish, and maintain relationship with variety of best vendors of inexpensive supplies to ensure timely and accurate receipt and keep current inventory of all required spare parts.
  • Utilize vendor knowledge to help in assessing plant changes or upgrades.

Efficient Management:

  • Communicate constantly with production and Plant Manager to ensure agreement on daily priorities.
  • Hire, schedule, and supervise daily tasks, work orders, and 24/7 on-call coverage for 10 maintenance staff: six maintenance technicians, one master electrician and three electrician apprentices.
  • Delegate and ensure completion of all projects and daily responsibilities of maintenance personnel.
  • Guide maintenance team through unfamiliar projects.
  • Mediate human resource issues among staff as they occur.
  • Ensure cross-training of maintenance personnel to handle all areas of maintenance.
  • Conduct performance evaluations at 90 days, six months, one year, and annually thereafter; recommend wage scale progressions to Plant Manager.
  • Submit required notes to file regarding disciplinary action taken, following personnel policy manual and safety requirements.
  • Ensure designated work areas are cleaned regularly.

AA SERVICE AND REPAIR INC., Hallock, PA May 2000 to Present

  • Repair and overhaul pneumatic blowers for local trucking company
  • Weld and repair all types of farm machinery, recreational vehicles and other metal equipment such as blowers and pumps.

SNYDER FARMS, Hallock, PA June 1980 to Present

  • Own and operate all aspects of successful agricultural business.
  • Added profitable cattle operation in 2005.
  • Manage and supervise three to six seasonal employees.
  • Maintain and repair various types of equipment; weld steel and aluminum.
  • Plan, plant, harvest, and market grains, leveraging available government programs.
  • Named Champion, 1995 Buckwheat Yield Contest, Dryland Division II.


PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY, Riverton, PA, Zoology Major, 2 years


  • Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, and MIG Welding, self-taught since 1993.
  • Horsewhisperer, self-taught.
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