Russian Spies: How to Tell If Your Real Estate Pro Is a Secret Agent

Accused Russian spy Anna Chapman
Accused Russian spy Anna Chapman

"The Spy Who Sold My Condo" may be a plausible title for the next Bond flick. It turns out that two of the 11 people arrested in possible connection with a Russian espionage ring were ensconced in another high stakes world – real estate.

Anna Chapman, a svelte 28-year-old (pictured) who is quickly taking center stage in this international drama, is reportedly the CEO of, a real estate search engine for Russian-speaking house-hunters. The other woman, Tracey Lee Ann Foley, is an agent for, an online real estate brokerage.

By all accounts, both women were personable, friendly and engaging – the paragon for any real estate agent worth his or her salt.

So how can you know if your real estate agent is really who they say they are?