Mafia Wars movie update: It ain't happening


You know the saying, "Don't believe everything you read"? We're thinking of changing it slightly to go, "Don't believe anything you read... on the Internet, at least."

Our current cynicism is based on the fallout from a recent rumor regarding development of a movie version of Facebook's Mafia Wars game. We were incredulous at the time that the movie was actually in development, or that it was even a good idea, but that didn't stop the rumor from spreading across the internet, especially via social networks.

Turns out we should have all just saved our breath (or our typing). The Hollywood Reporter got in touch with a executive at Radar Pictures, which was supposedly developing the movie, and got a firm denial that any such project was in the works. Zynga similarly dismissed the rumors when contacted by Inside Social Games.

So remember, don't believe anything you read on the internet. Er, except this post. You can believe us when we say a Mafia Was movie is not currently in the works.