Jim Morrison's Laurel Canyon Home for Sale: A Rock 'n' Roll Bargain?

Jim Morrison's home is on the market
Jim Morrison's home is on the market

Interested in buying the "Love Street" Laurel Canyon home where rock legend Jim Morrison spent some of his strangest days? The three-bedroom house where the Doors front man and his girlfriend Pamela Courson lived together in the late 1960s is on the market for $1.199 million -- pricey when you consider the 2,300-square-foot abode sold for $535,000 in 2001.

Once a rundown Los Angeles apartment building and now a refurbished single-family bungalow; the house at 8021 Rothdell Trail, was the inspiration for the Morrison song "Love Street."

For music fans and especially Doors aficionados with some cash to spend, the home is a rock 'n' roll fantasia. During the late 1960s, the bungalow was like a boarding house for rock musicians on the verge of stardom and other counterculture types.

Morrison and Courson lived on the top floor of what music journalist Stephen Davis describes to HousingWatch, as a "notorious hippie haven."