Cafe World: No Clean Fairy keeps stoves clean without clicking

Cafe World No Clean Fairy
Cafe World Special Items menuStoves in Cafe World always need to be clicked to be cleaned. Not even Super Stoves are immune to this drudgery. But now, in comes the No Clean Fairy, promising to leave stoves clean after use, while allowing you to pocket the Cafe Points earned from the cleaning.

The Fairy costs 95 Cafe Cash, and if you don't have a single Cafe dollar on you, you can buy a set of 120 Cafe Cash for $16 USD in the game. Granted, that's not cheap, and if you plan to be a long-term, real money spender in the game, the 780 Cafe Cash for $50 USD is the best deal.

You can find the No Clean Fairy hiding in the newest section of the Cafe World in-game store by clicking on "Functional Items", then "Special Items" (it's got an icon of a big blue jewel).
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