More Job Applicants Hide Criminal Records

According to a recent survey conducted by Powerchex Limited, a London-based pre-employment screening firm specializing in the financial services sector, more applicants are hiding criminal activity than every before. The purpose of the survey is to reveal trends in candidates' attempts to deceive potential employers in the financial sector by lying or embellishing the truth on their résumés and job applications. Here are the findings.

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  • The proportion of hidden criminal records has tripled as compared to previous years' survey results. Out of close to 6,000 respondents, Powerchex found that insurance firm applications accounted for 38% of deceptive results and hedge fund applications accounted for 28%.

  • Almost one in 50 individuals applying to the financial services sector were found to have concealed a negative credit record.

  • Brokers are the most dishonest jobseekers for the second year running.

  • UK job applicants are twice as likely to falsify their resumes as those of other nationalities.

  • Women are more likely to have a discrepancy on their resume than men.

  • As education level increases, the likelihood of finding discrepancies on the resume decreases.

On a positive note, Powerchex also found that the number of job applicants' resumes containing a discrepancy decreased this year to 15% - the first time in four years that the discrepancy rate has fallen. Nearly all kinds of companies within the financial services sector saw a decrease in the number of applications with discrepancies, with the largest drop appearing in the banking sector.

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