Financial Analyst Cover Letter Example


Many people write cover letters that state that they are good communicators, hard working, loyal, dedicated, team players, etc. While these are important traits for a job seeker, when these words are used in cover letters they come across as suspect. So many candidates use the same words to describe their personal attributes that it is hard to tell who really possesses these characteristics and who is just including these words because they think they are supposed to or because it sounds good.

The best way to demonstrate that you possess a personal attribute that will be important to a hiring manager is to have someone else advocate on your behalf. By including an excerpt from a letter of recommendation, performance review, or LinkedIn endorsement you can more authentically get your point across and prove to a prospective employer that you are someone who is well-liked and can be trusted.

For Lucy's letter, we used a quote from her boss that showed her tenacity, integrity, and attention to detail... all important characteristics for finance professionals.