As Seen on TV Bumpits Review: Small price for big hair

The product: Bumpits Hair Volumizing Inserts
The price: Internet offer: $9.99 plus $15.90 for four large Bumpits, four mini Bumpits, two Hollywood Bumpits.
The claims: Go from flat hair to fabulous hair in seconds.
The Buy-o-meter Rating: 4 out of 5

Bumpits are plastic inserts that pouf up flat hair into Snookie bumps and Sarah Palin updos. They are primarily pitched to young women who want to give their long hair a pageant-queen lift.

But even though Bumpits hit the mark, they miss their market. The real target for this "volumizing" doodad should be women with fine or thinning locks who yearn for clouds of big hair.

Bumpits are self-gripping, banana-shaped inserts that come in three sizes and four shades -- light blonde, medium blonde, brunette and black. Part your hair across the crown of the head, tease the parted hair a couple or three inches high, place the Bumpit on the scalp, pull and fan the hair over the insert. Then spray. And spray. Spray again for good measure.

Bumpits really do pump up challenged hair into 1960s-style twists, half updos, and ponytails with some height. During my tests, they worked well on processed and dry hair, which grabbed the insert teeth like Velcro grabs cotton.

Silky, shiny teenager hair -- the obvious Bumpits market -- slid over and through the inserts. Only a ton of hairspray cemented the hair in place and hid the plastic.

Styling with Bumpits takes practice.

The first time I bumped up my shoulder-length hair with the super-high Hollywood Bumpit, I looked like an extra from 1965's "Beach Blanket Bingo." But after experimenting a little, I achieved a French twist with a dignified dome, and a ponytail with a little life -- for a change.

Did Bumpits achieve a salon-quality do, like the ads promise?

More or less.

But a professional updo at a Washington D.C. salon costs $50-plus, while Internet or telephone orders of 10 Bumpits in assorted sizes cost $9.99, plus $15.90 shipping and handling -- still about half the price of one salon visit.

A little bargain hunting in retail stores will turn up three Bumpits for only $6, which is all you really need.

Bottom line on Bumpits?

Buy them in retail stores. Break out the spray. And give your hair -- and spirits -- a little lift.
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