Video exclusive! Watch the U.S. Mint make new Yosemite quarter

We've got another video exclusive on today. I'm taking you where the general public is not allowed to go: onto the manufacturing floor of the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia, where the newest 25-cent piece, the America the Beautiful Yosemite quarter, is being produced. It comes out on July 25, but you're seeing the process that created it -- and every coin you use -- today.

The security at the Mint is extraordinarily tight. Our equipment was double-checked, and we had to pass through metal detectors not just when we entered, but also when we left, when it was especially thorough. The sensors are so finely tuned that they'll sound the alarm over a foil chewing gum wrapper. In fact, my plastic tube of ChapStick, which contains no metal that I knew of before, set them off. To make sure no one's sneaking away with America's treasury bit by bit, employees aren't even allowed to bring their own change to work. If you have any, the security guards will stash it in envelopes at the front desk while you're inside.

While we witness our new quarter being struck, we also catch glimpses of the Mint as it also prepares new pennies for release.

There's more from behind the scenes at the Mint, too. Here's the first part of my visit, in which I meet some of the master sculptors who design the money you use every single day. Did you know they use the same software they used to make Shrek?

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