Target venturing north of the border to Canada?

Seems Target is looking to open discount stores in Canada, marking the first International expansion for the Minneapolis-based retailer. What's this, you say? Target doesn't have stores in Canada yet? Shockingly no, but all that may be about to change.

Rumors abound that Target is scouting locations to the North. But it's all still speculation. Target Spokeswoman Amy Reilly tells Walletpop that Target is continuously monitoring the retail landscape for prospective locations and currently exploring beyond the lower 48 states, including adding more stores in Hawaii and Alaska as well as potential International locations. Beyond that anything is pure speculation. "The rumor tends to circulate routinely," she says. And for many, it's difficult to believe the Target hasn't expanded beyond the United States.

Unbelievably, in the 48 years Target has been in operation, it's never ventured beyond our borders. Perhaps even more unbelievable, is the fact that both Kmart and Wal-Mart opened their first stores the very same year: 1962. During that time, Kmart expanded rapidly, spawned new retail formats like Borders Books, and ultimately spiraled into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Today, Kmart is part of Sears Holdings and continues to struggle to be relevant with shoppers.