Pet Society: The Power of Pink in Pet Society and Beyond

pet society pink
Pink used to be my favorite color when I was like, seven. It probably came from my mother's influence. She liked feminine, flirty things and dressed me up in all shades of pink-creamy pink, rosy pink, hot neon pink. The carpet in my childhood room was a cotton candy pink.

By the time I was in college, I had abandoned pink in favor of dark, moody colors. Every time I visited my mother, I couldn't stand going into my old room, let alone sleep in it. The carpet had taken on a grayish tone, and reminded me of a pig's intestines. I didn't wear pink for many, many years.
pet society pink
Now, I am finding myself slowly returning to pink. This past winter, I kept warm in a fuschia cap (see the About page). In the spring, I bought a fitted shirt from Banana Republic in a very light pink. It's the standard white business shirt, except it's not white. Banana calls the color "Blissful Lavendar." It's barely pink; it whispers pink.

I love this. It's become my go-to shirt for days when I have an important meeting and I need to impress. I want to buy six more of these and wear them every day... that's how much I love this shirt.

My Pet Society pet Sushi, however, still reflects my teenage rebellion stage. He looks best in blue or black. He is not built for pink. He hates pink and thinks these new items he dug out of the Enchanted Forest make him look like a third-rate drag queen trying to be Marie Antoinette. And he is so above that. He deserves better.

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