Passport fees to skyrocket by $35 on July 13



ust as WalletPop warned you in March, The price of a United States passport will zoom from $75 to $110, plus a $25 application fee, on Tuesday, July 13. So if you have been putting off getting one, submit your application right away to save money.

Against the advice of people who make their money from tourism across the country, the State Department is jacking up the rate. First-time applicants will pay $110 plus a $25 execution fee, bringing the cost to $135 (up from $100). Renewals will cost $110 (up from $75), and minors under the age of 16 will now pay $105 (up from $85).

Passport cards, which are only good for travel by land or sea, will be $30 plus the $25 "acceptance fee," or $55 (up from $45), renewals of passport cards will be $30 (up from $20), and minors will pay $40 for their passport cards (up from $35).