Michael Jackson remembered by Pet Society players

pet society michael jackson"Hey, look! It's Michael Jackson! No, wait, it's my Pet Society pet, Richard Jackson!" writes Anza. This is such a great picture and a nice way to commemorate Michael Jackson, who died a year ago today. I wish Playfish had released a sparkly white glove for this week!

If you're a fan of Michael, CNN.com has a great site about him. Netflix also released the movie, "This is It." It's available on Instant Play.

I admit, I wasn't a big fan of Michael when he was alive. His various scandals and weird facial transformations made it embarrassing to admit that you were a fan. But after he died, and radio stations played his music over and over, I found myself singing along. It made me realize how important his work had been.
When you had something to celebrate, Michael Jackson was most likely there. He was there with you during birthday parties, wedding receptions, and those nights at a club when you were trying to meet someone cute. Whether you realized it or not, he was there for so many moments of your life. And even if you didn't meet anyone cute at the club, you still had a pretty good time dancing to "Thriller."

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