Mel Gibson and Oksana begin court battle

Mel Gibson and Oksana GrigorievaMel Gibson' private life continues to generate more headlines than his acting and directing career -- most recently for his very public breakup with Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva.

Despite a confidential settlement designed to keep the split out of the headlines, details surfaced last week when Grigorieva apparently named Gibson in a child custody case, which is sealed and will likely remain out of the public domain, the Associated Press reports.

The dispute got messier when reports surfaced that Gibson had abused Grigorieva. Acording to the New York Daily News, Gibson punched her in the face, breaking some teeth and causing a concussion.and she took out a restraining order. Gibson's attorney, Stephen Kolodny, says she made it all up.

On Monday, the actor-director's attorney released a statement saying the couple reached a custody agreement in May for their 7-month-old daughter, Lucia. The contents of the agreement were confidential, but Kolodny accused the 40-year-old Grigorieva of violating its terms.

Kolodny said the actor has paid Grigorieva "tens of thousands of dollars," is providing his daughter with a nanny and health insurance, and bought a luxurious home and a car for his ex-girlfriend. Kolodny's statement also said Gibson's payments to Grigorieva will change, but he did not specify how.

"Mel has generously supported Lucia and will continue to do so," the statement said. Grigorieva, who met Gibson while he was filming "Edge of Reason," told The Associated Press that she could not discuss the case.

The singer did deny reports, however, that Gibson obtained a restraining order against her. Her attorney, Marci Levine, did not return calls or an e-mail seeking comment Tuesday. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a friend of Gibson's said one of the main issues of the case was the Australian-American writer-director's access to his daughter. Kolodny said the agreement called for the couple's daughter to spend about half her time with Gibson.

Grigorieva and Gibson were frequently photographed together when their relationship became public after his wife of 28 years filed for divorce last year, citing irreconcilable differences. Grigorieva also has a son from her relationship with British actor Timothy Dalton, who played James Bond in two films. The 54-year-old Gibson confirmed Grigorieva was pregnant with his eighth child to Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" last May.
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