Maggots Force US Airways Flight to Return to Gate in Atlanta

A US Airways flight bound for Charlotte, North Carolina, was forced to return to the gate in Atlanta after maggots fell from a passenger's bag in the overhead compartment.

Passengers saw the maggots and notified crew.

A US Airways spokesman tells The Associated Press the maggots escaped from a container of spoiled meat that a passenger had brought on the plane.

FOX 5 TV in Atlanta has cell phone video of the incident.

A passenger, Dona Adamo, tells the TV station the plane was taxiing down the runway at Atlanta's Hartsfield airport when an announcement said they were returning to the gate because of a "minor emergency."

She says the maggots fell on a passenger. "The maggots, they started to drip out of the bin in row 15," Adamo says..

At the gate, passengers got off so cleaning crew could remove the bag and clean the overhead bin. The passenger with the spoiled meat was accommodated on another airline, FOX 5 reports.

The flight then continued to Charlotte, where the plane was taken out of service and fumigated out of "an abundance of caution," the airline spokesman tells AP.

Photo, cliff1066, flickr
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