Mafia Wars catches on to the 'Icing' trend

mafia wars iced
mafia wars iced

Looks like Mafia Wars has caught on the 'Icing' trend. Now, when you kill someone during a fight in the game, you get a new notification that says "You Iced Your Opponent." You also have the option to share your victory with friends, by offering them a Liquid Courage boost, which increases their attack skill by 44 during their next fight.

Though I'm sure Zynga would deny it, this is clearly a nod at Icing -- a silly prank that started in dorm rooms and has made its way to corporate America (which means it's already waaay past the point of being cool.) The prank/game/whatever works like this: If a person is presented with a Smirnoff Ice, they must drop on one knee and chug the entire thing. That is, unless the presentee happens to 'block' the Icing, by carrying a Smirnoff Ice of their own. Then the person who initiated the Icing has to drop and chug. To refuse will bring a pox upon your house or some other kind of karmic badness.

Icings have been well documented on (which has since been shut down by party poopers at Diageo, Smirnoff's parent company) and I've also had the pleasure of getting Iced, and well, let's just say I won't be drinking any of Smirnoff's alco-pop, well, ever again.

Good to see that the bros behind the scenes at Mafia Wars are keeping their fingers on the pulse of America ... or at least wrapped around a cold bottle of a malt beverage.