Living Next to Cemeteries: Plots With Peace, Quiet -- and Great Home Values?

 graveyard real estateSome homeowners aren't worried about block parties, blaring music or their neighbors taking their parking spaces. That's because, according to an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, an increasing number of homeowners are finding that their neighbors are ... well ... dead.

Whereas cemeteries were once relegated to land far outside of the city, urban sprawl means that everything once distant, including graveyards, is closer to urban centers and the living who reside within. While the peace and quiet that comes with living near the dead is undoubtedly nice (provided, of course, that there are no zombies), there is something undeniably creepy about living next door to a memorial park.

So what does living near a graveyard do to your home value?
"Living next to a graveyard lowers housing value, because many people are spooked," explains Issamar Ginzberg, a licensed real estate agent and home value expert in New York City. "If you want your home to increase in value, you're better off buying in a worse neighborhood than near a graveyard."

While the creep factor is in full-effect for many buyers, the quiet and open space can draw those seeking an escape from busy urban and suburban environments. Anne Wilson, a residential realtor in Oklahoma City, says that in these cases, a nearby cemetery can increase area housing values.

"In Oklahoma City, we have an upscale housing addition that borders a graveyard. This particular area is gorgeous, lush and peaceful so in this instance, the graveyard is a selling point," she says. "It can go the opposite way though too. Graveyards that feel spooky are a detriment."

The only way to truly find out if a nearby graveyard will haunt your housing price for the rest of its days is simply to visit the property, both during the day and night, and to talk to local real estate agents and neighbors about their experiences. can also give you a good idea of whether housing prices have been affected. Either way, prospective homeowners should prepare themselves for a potential decrease in housing values from the deceased neighbors, as well as all the horrible puns that come with the territory. With prices that low, people will be dying to get in.

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