Homeowners Association That Evicted U.S. Soldier Gets Death Threats


We told you about U.S. Army National Guard Capt. Michael Clauer and his wife, May, who lost their Frisco, Texas home because they fell behind on home association dues. Now the HOA is getting blowback.

In Texas, if you fail to pay your home association dues, an HOA has the legal power to foreclose on your home -- even if you own it free and clear. May Clauer says that she got into a funk over her husband's deployment and failed to pay bills. She let the mail pile up, even the certified letters. May and her parents owned the $300,000 Frisco home free and clear -- May's parents apparently helped her buy the place, which is about 20 miles north of Dallas.

But the Clauers lost their home by failing to pay $977.55 in homeowners association dues.