Happy Aquarium embraces the Twilight craze

Happy Aquarium Twilight Twilit
Happy Aquarium Twilight Twilit

Did you think social games were safe from the teenage craze of Hollywood sensation, Twilight? Guess again, because Happy Aquarium is now allowing you to turn your fish tank into a Jacob vs. Edward showdown, and the poor fish are caught right in the middle of it. Of course, trademark requires Crowdstar to refer to their theme as "Twilit" but we all know exactly what they're talking about. We're no fools when it comes to vampires and werewolves!

Available for a limited time in the Happy Aquarium store is a new background ambiance titled "Twilit Forest Scape". This forest scene costs either 36 Pearls or 30 Facebook Credits, and will really set the scene for your Twilit experience. Also, there is a new Tank Mate called "Werewolf" that looks like a young Jacob, and when clicked will become a werewolf. He does cost 48 Facebook Credits or 58 Pearls, so he isn't cheap. So far, we don't see an Edward yet, but we're sure that's coming soon. They wouldn't want to make all the Edward fans angry, would they?

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