Gender differences emerge in home preferences

Following the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus world view, it turns out home buyers do divide along gender lines, but not always in the ways you might expect.

Or so a new survey from has found.

Men were more significantly more likely than women to want a room with a view and a bedroom for guests and slightly more likely to be looking for a luxurious bathroom and a dining room; women were slightly more likely to want a garage, ample storage and a large yard, but they also wanted more closet space. They ranked a home office above a kids' playroom.

"Overall, the same things you would always expect to top the list of 'must-haves' and 'deal breakers' for house hunters still show up, but it is interesting to see men place a higher priority than women on things often characterized as stereotypically female priorities," said ziprealty Vice President of Marketing Leslie Tyler in a statement. "Also, women's growing desire for a home office may speak to the fact that more women are working from home these days."

In terms of turnoffs, men were more likely to balk at superficial details: unkempt landscaping, outdated furniture or paint and a lack of curb appeal.

There was much on which the two genders could agree, however. Both wanted master suites, walk-in closets and more than half were looking for a breakfast room or eat-in kitchen..

Two areas on the rise for men and women were "green" building attributes -- at 27% percent -- and a home office, at 39 percent, up four percentage points in two years.
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