FrontierVille glitch: The 'Lost Sheep' pop-up window that won't go away

frontierville move lost sheep glitch
frontierville move lost sheep glitch

While playing FrontierVille today, I ran across an annoying glitch in the beginning of the game. After finding and moving my lost sheep, a pop-up window appeared, informing me that I just scored 20 Food, 10XP and that I can share experience points with friends. After clicking the 'Share Experience' button, the window goes away.

Everything seems normal, right? That is, until this same pop-up window keeps appearing every time the game launches, no matter how many times I click the 'Skip' or 'Share Experience' button. I'm starting to feel like Bill Murray in 'Groundhog Day.'

Anyone else run across this problem? Are there any other big glitches everyone should know about? Leave a note in the comments below.

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