Free swapping of kids clothes for two months

Join ThredUp, an online clothing swapping site that recently branched out to include kidswear, and get two months of free swapping. The way the site works is you fill a box with gently used clothes that your child no longer needs, then offer it up for grabs. Meanwhile, you can pick a box of clothes you want to receive from the dozens that are listed. You can pick by gender, size, and season. You pay $13 to receive a box; sending boxes is free. Click on the image at right to get the freebie.

Each box has an average of 16 items, so you are paying about $0.81 per item, which is a lot less than you would spend at a thrift store. You can also link up with friends and trade directly with them.

The freebie is for two months of Pro membership, which has extra perks like more detailed info about what is in each box of clothes. A Pro membership is $30 a year ($2.50 a month) and if it isn't worth it to you, switch to the Basic membership, which is free. Click on the image at right to get two months of Pro free.

Signing up supports WalletPop.