Five Career Prospects for People with a Business Associates Degree

An academic degree opens many doors of opportunities for a professional, offering an extra edge in the job search.

A business associates degree is a two year degree that you can work for any private or public college and university, but are often sought after at local community colleges.

The degree can focus on a variety of subjects, the most popular being a business associates degree. A business associates degree includes college level classes, along with beginner business courses, helping kick-start your professional career.

When you get that extra edge with a business associates degree, the following career opportunities are available to you:

1. Real Estate

A business associates degree is a great way to start a career in real estate. Combined with a real estate license, the opportunity to take a managerial role in the company will be open to you since you will have a better grasp of business operations.

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2. Office Manager

The backbone of any business is the office manager, who serves as the "go-to" person for everything. This difficult job requires a lot of juggling, but a business associates degree gives you the tools you need to handle anything that may come your way. The best part of the job is the chance to interact with employees of all levels, which means being able to network on a daily basis.

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3. Trade Worker

Learning a trade can be the start of a great career with good benefits and job security. A business associates degree opens up more opportunities within your trade industry, allowing you to move up the corporate ladder and take on extra responsibilities, all thanks to your knowledge of basic operations.

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4. Sales

Many sales jobs require at least a business associates degree so that workers can jump in headfirst to any mandatory training programs. A sales job comes with many benefits, from commission rates to other generous incentives. Plus, basic sales skills can be applied to any industry.

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5. Administrative Professional

Working an administrative job means constant interaction with executives, clients and vendors. These jobs are getting more and more competitive, so you will have an extra edge with a business associates degree. The degree will give you the skills and the confidence you need to handle the responsibilities of an administrative job, which is why it is often required by most employers.

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