Arts Careers: How to Combine Your Creative Talents with a 9 to 5

arts-careersThe ability to express yourself through an art form is a gift that should never be wasted. Turning your art talent into an art career isn't as tough as you would think, since nearly every business is fueled by creative minds.

The best way to start off a job in art is with an internship or apprenticeship so you can gain valuable, hands-on experience. Some jobs may require extra schooling, but many artists work their way up by observing already established talents.

If you want to use your creative juices in a more stable 9 to 5 gig, check out these art careers:

1. Graphic Designer

From logos and banners to advertisements and swag, graphic designers are needed at nearly every company. With businesses putting all of their energy into online outlets, graphic designers are in demand to create any needed artwork.

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2. Painter

Working for a painting company means the chance to work directly with clients on design ideas and special projects. As an artist, it is always rewarding to see the process from start to finish, which this art career would allow you to do.

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3. Art Teacher

An art teacher can be found in a school community center, private studio or practicing art therapy. The experience needed for each of these jobs varies but all allow you to work hands on with others who are looking for a way to be more creative.

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4. Carpenter

A carpenter can use their skills in a variety of ways, whether it be working for an already established company or setting up shop themselves. If you love to work with your hands, this is a trade worth trying out.

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5. Mason

A mason is often thought of as a worker who lays down stone all day long, but a lot of artistic instinct is needed on the job. Masons must have an eye for detail and rely on their design skills for every project, large or small.

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