Best Ways to Save a Bunch on Lunch -- Savings Experiment

How to Save Money With Home Made Lunch
How to Save Money With Home Made Lunch

The world remembers 18th Century British aristocrat John Montagu every day around lunchtime -- not for his lousy statesmanship, nor the islands Capt. Cook named after him (which became Hawaii anyway), but for the name he unwittingly gave a food morsel that's been around probably since Neolithic times.

You see, Montagu was a card player -- cribbage, to be precise -- and legend has it he hated getting his cards dirty almost as much as getting up from the table during a good game. So when this 4th Earl of Sandwich instructed his valet to bring him a few slices of meat tucked between two slices of bread, it wasn't long before others around him started ordering "...The same as Sandwich."

Trillions of cold cuts and untold gallons of condiments later, the sandwich is still going strong -- and in pretty much the same form as our earliest human ancestors ate it. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for "the same as Sandwich," or the same old sandwich, every day for lunch. Which options might save you the most money and stimulate your taste buds to boot? We'll find out in this installment of the Savings Experiment.

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