Restaurant City parodies celebrities in upcoming 'Almost Famous' theme

Restaurant City Almost Famous Week
This Thursday, Restaurant City is giving players everything they need to roll out the red carpet for a parade of Hollywood stars. And here's a twist -- all your celebrities are going to sport food monikers that are playful puns of their original names.
Restaurant City 'Almost Famous' Stars
Angelina Jelly, Bread Pot, and Julienne Morsel are obviously Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Julianne Moore. And boy, Johnny Dough certainly resembles Johnny Depp. But Robert Pancakes has me completely stumped. (Any takers?) All five of them count as outdoors decor though, so they'll only be available outside your restaurant.
Restaurant City Brittany Spearmint and Lady Cocoa
Indoors, we've got Brittany Spearmint and Lady Cocoa, an obvious rip on Brittany Spears and Lady Gaga. But there's one more -- Greg The Tasteful Dancer. Someone more celebrity-savvy is going to have to figure out Greg for me -- the only Greg I know is the - The Blog's über boss. Anyway, prices for this new decor set won't be announced until the set's release, which is less than two days away.
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