Playdom launches Pet Resort alongside Purina

Purina Pet Resort
Purina Pet Resort

Yesterday, Playdom quietly launched their next title, called Pet Resort. This game is a branded game with Purina (the largest manufacturer of dog and cat food in the United States) and takes elements of pet raising games like Pet Society and tycoon/resort style social games such as Tiki Resort. Pet Resort puts you in charge of taking care of the dogs and cats who visit your resort. The main mechanic of the game is filling your dog and cat food bowls to make sure your guests are well fed. Of course, like most other games there is the element of decorating - you are given a large resort and tons of decorations to purchase for it.

Pet Resort has a different art style than many of their games, and at this point it looks different enough that it could possibly have been the work of one of their recent acquisitions. It does have the familiar Playdom polished feel, however, and seems like it will be a fun game once more of my friends are playing it. It isn't immediately apparent if the game is ready for prime time, as Playdom are not yet cross-promoting the game to their other applications. It feels very feature complete however; it has snapshotting, achievements, gifting, many unlockable items going up to level 40+, and allows you to buy Pet Resort Cash.

Give this new game a try and let us know what you think in the comments!

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