Mafia Wars going Hollywood? Rumors say a movie is in the works

mafia wars goes hollywood?
mafia wars goes hollywood?

The Internet rumormill says that Mafia Wars, Zynga's popular Facebook game, is going to be made into a movie. Zynga has not confirmed that this is true, and there are no additional details on the film, except that it's a "crime thriller based on the popular video game" and that Radar Pictures and producer Ted Field are developing the project.

At first, Mafia Wars: The Movie sounds like a crazy notion, but considering the fact that the game doesn't really have a set storyline other than the fact that it involves running a mob in different cities, creating a film that would tie into the game doesn't seem impossible.

Of course, the real challenge will be creating a film that people actually want to see. Given the track record with game-to-big-screen-translations (the majority of which are box office poison), it's hard to imagine that this movie would be anything other than a morbid curiosity for the Mafia Wars superfan.


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Mafia Wars: The Movie -- do you think the rumor is true?

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