Mafia Wars: Get 2 free Reward Points with 'The Expendables'


Oh, you action film fans are going to love this! And if you're a player who just wants your free Mafia Wars Reward Points, then this will be a walk in the park for you too. Just head to the Marketplace (note: you need to be at Level 7 to access that page) and scroll down until you see "The Expendables" offer, click on that, and you'll be shuffled through three questions while the rockin' trailer plays.

Mafia Wars The Expendables
Mafia Wars The Expendables

The first question is there to see if you know how to read. But if you must know, the answer is Van Damme. And there's no wrong answers for the second and third questions, cause it's all about what you like. The best part is that you get a brief glimpse as to who and what everyone else voted for. The voting results are below this post. Don't look if you don't want to be spoiled! (There's no movie spoilers, though.)