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simple living blogsBlogs relating to simple living, minimalism, and tiny homes are being created everyday (I even have my own -- RowdyKittens). And sorting through so many resources can be overwhelming. So I thought it would be useful to create a round-up of some of my favorite minimalist blogs that will have you living and breathing easier before you know it.

Click around - the tips offered on these sites will help you live creatively in small spaces.

1. Becoming Minimalist, by Joshua Becker, approaches minimalism from a family perspective. The blog details their story and offers a number of helpful tips for people who want to downsize their lives.

Joshua notes, "It offers the principles in a way that makes minimalism accessible to families. They can readily relate to the ideas being offered. Secondly, it offers an approach to minimalism that includes the entire person: body, mind, and heart. It regularly tackles heart issues such as contentment, jealousy, honesty, and forgiveness. It realizes that minimalism is not just about the possessions on the outside, it is also about the heart issues on the inside."

If you want to go off-line, you can read more about the lessons the Becker family learned in the book:"Simplify. 7 Guiding Principles to Help Anyone Declutter Their Home and Life."

2. mnmlist is a site by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits (another site about living minimally created by Babauta). The site discusses minimalism and why it's important, how belongings have come to overwhelm many people, and emphasizes the idea that owning less will make you happier and healthier.

Babauta has also written a book - "The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential, in Business and in Life."

3. Far Beyond the Stars, by Everett Bouge, teaches people how they can "apply minimalism in order to live and work from anywhere." Earlier this year Everett downsized his stuff and started applying minimalist ideas to his entire life.

He notes
, "The important thing is to recognize that buying stuff will NOT make you happy, living your life will...Stop consuming and start manifesting the reality that you always dreamed was possible. Because it is possible, once you make it so."

4. The Tiny House Blog, by Kent Griswold, was originally was conceived from a bunch of bookmarks he had on small cabins and tiny houses. Kent explains that he stumbled upon Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses several years ago and "became enthralled with the concept."

The site features stories of folks who have decided to build little homes and also focuses on topics relating to high quality design and environmental sustainability.

5. Simpler Living was created by Naomi Seldin to document her downsizing process and to give away stuff she no longer needed.

She says, "'Living well with less' became the theme of my blog because I want people to know that simplifying isn't about deprivation - at all! Getting rid of my clutter has made my life richer in so many ways. I still have stuff, but by editing my possessions, I weeded out the stuff I didn't use, need or value."

Tammy Strobel blogs at RowdyKittens about simple living and is the author of Simply Car-free: How to Pedal Toward Financial Freedom and a Healthier Life.

The Ace of Space is a biweekly column that will provide you with the tips and tools to live lightly and creatively in a small space.
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