HUD Apartment: Can You Live in One If You're Under 62?

living in a HUD apartment
living in a HUD apartment

Dear Apartment Guru,

I moved in with my grandmother about seven months ago when my roommate moved out and left me high and dry. I recently found out that my gram lives in a HUD-subsidized elderly community. One of our insane neighbors is freaking out because she keeps saying that she was told that this community was for people age 62 and older, which it probably is. She wrote us a letter recently stating: "I've already raised my children and hope to enjoy my retirement without anyone else's."

I am 24 and I am a reasonable person who is quiet and just doing my thing. My grandmother and I are really close and both of us are happy with our arrangement. The neighbor is threatening to have me legally removed. Can she do that?

-- Living With the Granny