FarmVille Botanical Garden & Gift Box glitch

farmville gift box glitch
farmville gift box glitch

In a new FarmVille glitch, FarmVille Freaks are reporting that their Gift Box is doing some strange and unusual things.

The most common report is that farmers FarmVille Gift Boxes are being found filled with Botanical Garden building supplies. The Botanical Garden was a past limited edition building, now retired, that required you to have the help of your neighbors to build. It is not a building with purpose and does not provide storage.

As reported by FarmVille Freak OctaviousOrion,

I got a glitch somehow in Farmville and I posted about it myself and had others say they got the same thing. I opened up my FarmVille page and noticed I had nearly 70 gifts....and 49 of those were the materials needed to build the Botanical Gardens previously released by FarmVille. In no way did i have any part in receiving these, they just showed up. I'll include the screenshot of what i received. (See Picture below)" – FarmVille Freak OctaviousOrion