YoVille: The Ultimate Guide To Earning More Coins

With all the new items being released by Zynga every week, it is so important to have all the up to date information on making the most coins you can in YoVille. Here is an updated guide for you to follow in order to make that task a lot easier.

If we've missed anything, make sure to post about it in comments.

«Login Daily»

YoVille Daily Login Bonus
Make sure you log into Yoville at least once a day and each day you will get more coins, up to 300 coins a day.

«The Widget Factory»

YoVille Widget Factory
The Widget Factory was the place you once made a majority of your coins. However, sense the release of the new Yoville Jobs, that is no longer the case. The Widget factory is still a good source for making money in Yoville and should be visited as often as possible throughout the day. Currently you need 100 energy to complete your job at the Widget Factory and the payout is 200 to 350 coins depending on the amount of neighbors you currently have.

«Yoville Jobs»

The newest feature added to Yoville are the Yoville jobs! Here is a great article with all the details needed to succeed in this fun new feature in Yoville.

«Coin Runs»

YoVille Coin Runs
At the bottom of your screens, you will see a ladder of your neighbors in Yoville. By mousing over them you are then given choices to visit or gift each friend. This is what we call Coin Runs or "CR"...which some of you might have seen written in messages from friends in the game. Once a day you can visit up to 25 friends and make up to 20 coins each by choosing 1 of the 6 different interactions with your friends avatar... Dance, fight, kiss, tell a joke, leave a message, or send a gift.

«Take Photos»

YoVille Take Photos
In the bottom right side of your screen you will see your chat box...where you type to interact with other players, in this area you will see a camera icon. You are given up to 5 rolls of film once a day to take pictures. You earn up to 20 coins per photo depending on the quality of your photo.

«Maxing (Play Games)»

YoVille Maxing
In Yoville you can ask any of the other players to play a game of tic-tac-toe or rock-paper-scissors with you. Just click another player and ask him/her to play a game with you:

If you win, you'll get 10 coins. If it's a draw, you both get 5 coins. If you lose, you get nothing.

You can earn up to 200 coins per day by playing games. Fastest way to "max out" (= get all the coins possible per day from games) is to join an event made just for playing. Check the events-list and from there the section "games".

Tictactoe (TTT) – try to get 3 symbols (X or O) in a row before the other player.
Rock-paper-scissors (RPS) – Choose either rock, paper or scissors, game starts when both players have made their choice. Paper wins rock, rock wins scissors, scissors wins paper. At least 2 rounds are played.


YoVille Speedway Race
On bottom right corner of the map there is a speedway-arena.

Here you can choose from 3 options: Race, practice or bet.

By racing against your friends, you will earn 10 coins by winning a race against your friends avatars. It's possible to earn up to 200 coins per day this way. Unfortunately racing is connected to the games though (ttt and rps), so if you have already maxed out for the day with them, the wins in races won't give you any coins. They will be counted on the badgelist still.
- You race by clicking and holding the left mouse button. But don't hold too long or you will flip over, and also remember to watch those oil-slicks! Get a boost from the arrows on your lane.

By betting, only the sky is a limit or you can lose it all. Place a bet between 10-500 coins and choose from 3 friends which one you believe will win.


If you are feeling lucky...make your way over to the Yoville Casino! You have really good odds of winning considering all it takes to break even is 1 cherry!!! The payout can be as high as your luck will allow.

«Yoville Fishing»

YoVille Fishing
Yoville has a really fun fishing game that I still enjoy just playing because its a challenge!! You buy some bait and pick 3 friends you want to fish against...then try and catch the heaviest amount of fish before the 2 1/2 minutes is up. You win 10 coins a game and can win up to 200 coins a day playing this game.

«Buying and Trading»

YoVille Buying and TradingYou can buy and sell items with other YoVillians, this is called "trading". Step by step instructions how to trade, can be found in this topic:


You can sell the items you don't need anymore, you can make art on whiteboard and sell them or you can invest in something, for example if you have yocash, you can buy yocash-items and sell them to other players for coins (you can't trade yocash) or buy some seasonal or collectible items and wait until they are out of store and starting to raise price. This is how many people in Yoville make their fortune.

You can also sell the items back to Yoville. That happens from top boxes:

Click "view inventory", browse the items in there and once you've found what you want to sell, click it and it will show how much you will get from it, you can choose either "sell" or "close". When you sell back to Yoville, you get approximately 1/3 of the store-value back. YoCash-items, starter-items, houses, teleport-doors and the things you've bought from yoville.com can't be sold back to Yoville, only "removed" from inventory which won't give you any coins.

«Mystery Gifts»

YoVille Mystery Gifts
These items are gifted to you by your neighbors and they should be returned. The amount of coins received in them varies but there is a chance at rare items in some and other have items needed to complete the Yoville collections.

Click the gifts to send your friends a free mystery gift.


Hope this guide helps and thanks to SpiraldaWYID for doing the original post it helped in organizing this new one!!

Happy Coin making!!


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